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Destination -> Anhui province -> Huangshan city

Huangshan ( Yellow Mountain ) is the name of the 72 peak range lying in the south of Anhui Province , 280km west of the coastal city of Hangzhou. For the Chinese, Huangshan, along with Guilin, is probably the most famous landscape attraction in the country-a local tourist map declares solemnly that it is the 'marvellousest mountain on earth'.....

 Eastern Steps

The 7.5km eastern steps route can be climbed comfortably in about three hours.It can be a killer if you push yourself too hard,but it's definitely easier than going up the western steps.
  Purists can extend the eastern steps climb by several hours by setting out from Huangshan Gate, where a stepped path crosses the road at several points before connecting with the main eastern steps trail at the Yungusi cable car station.
  If you have the time,the recommended route is a 10 hour circuit hike taking the eastern steps to the top,then desce-nding to the hot springs resort via the western steps,but don't underestimate the level of hardship involved. While Huang-shan's cut stone stairways undoubtedly make climbing a little easier , the extremely steep gradients will turn even an experienced waker's legs to jelly in around six to seven hours.

 Western Steps

The 15km western steps route has some of Huangshan's most spectacular scenery,following a precarious route hewn out of the sheer rock cliffs. It is,however,double the length and at least twice as strenuous as the eastern steps and much easier to enjoy if you're clambering down rather than gasping your way up.
  The western steps descent begins at the Flying Rock (feilai shi) a rectangular boulder perched on an outcrop , and goes over Bright Summit Peak (guangming ding), where there is an odd - shaped weather station and a hotel.
  Not to be missed on the western steps is the exhilartatingly steep and exposed stair-way to Heavenly Capital Peak ( tiandu feng ) , directly adjacent to the jade Screen Tower Hotel. Young lovers bring locks engraved with their names up here and fix them to the chain railings, symbolising that they're 'locked' together.The western path continues down past the Mid-Level Temple (banshan si) and back to the hot springs resort.

 On the Summit

Paved trails meander around the lookout points of Huangshan's summit area. Imagine a Chinese ink landscape and you will have an idea of what the Chinese tourists are referring to in their admiration-gnarled pines, craggy rocks,a rolling sea of clouds, perhaps an ant line of pinprick tourists in the distance toiling up some pointing finger of a peak.
  The agreed highlightof Huangshan is the Beihai sunrise:a'sea'of low cloud blanketing the valley to the north with 'island' peaks hazily reaching for the heavens. Fresh Breeze Terrace attracts daily sunrise crowds. It's communal sightseeing at its
  best ad the noise generated by several hundred tourists is almost as incredible as the sunrise itself.

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