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Hainan¡¾Classic¡¿5-Day tour
Hainan Perfect trip
Chengdu¡¢Emei Mountain¡¢Le Mountain¡¢Chongqing¡¢Yangtze three Gorges 8-Day tour
Long Travel Line >>more
Central Avenue Harbin Ski 4-Day Tour
D1:Shanghai  -  Harbin
Fly  to  Harbin.Walk  along  Guogeli  Street,a  street  in  european  style  w
Chengdu Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Emei, Leshan 7-Day Tour
D1:Fly  from  Shanghai  to  Chengdu.
Accommodation  in  Chengdu.
D2:Go  to  Jiuzhaigou.
Lijiang Old Town Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna 8-Day Tour
D1:Fly  from  Shanghai  to  Kunming.One  day  Kunming  trip.
Accommodation  in  Kunming.
D2:One  d
Army of Terracotta Warriors Xi'an, Luoyang and Kaifeng 5-Day Tour
Fly  from  Shanghai  to  Xi'an.
Visit  the  Shi  Lin(Stele  Forest),  Ancient  City  Wall,  Daya
Zhaixing Terrace Zhangjiajie, Emperor Mountain, Baofeng Lake 4-Day Tour
D1:Fly  from  Shanghai  to  Zhangjiajie.
Accommodation  in  downtown
D2:Visit  Zhaixing  Terrace
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Tangshan Hot Spring Tangshan Hot Spring and Tianmu Lake 2-Day Tour
D1:Set  off  at  7a.m.  to  Danyang.  Go  to  visit  the  ancient  villages  with  a  history  of  thousan
Li Garden Wuxi Tai Lake 1-Day Tour
Set  off  to  Wuxi  by  CRH  train.
Visit  Li  Garden,Tangcheng  -  the  filming  studioes  in  th
Hangzhou Hangzhou 2-Day Tour
D1:Leave  for  Hangzhou  from  Shanghai  by  train  K809  at  07:21;
Visit  the  West  Lake,  Three  Po
Yandang Mountain Yandang Mountain 3-Day Tour
Set  off  to  Yandang  Mountain  at  6:45a.m.  Go  through  Hangzhou  Bay  Cross-sea  Bridge,  the
Jinggang Mountain Jinggang Mountain 4-Day Tour
D1:In  the  afternoon,set  out  from  Shanghai  to  Ji'an  by  train.  Accommodation  on  the  train.
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